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House of Light

Mysterious story-driven adventure through the life of a sole shipwreck survivor · By warstellar


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Devlog 0.5.3: Finally a demo!
FIRST OF ALL : You can now download the demo! SECOND OF ALL : The demo is highly unoptimized and most likely will run good only on 1060 GTX and higher. Lower th...
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Devlog v.0.4.7
This week was very counter-productive, that's why (or because?) there was very little done. We're lagging behind the plan a bit. Third scene finished There's on...
Devlog v.0.4.2: "Quest" system and new UI
This is the first, but not the last devlog. Usually people do them once a month or a week, and I will adhere to the tradition and write once a week, but sometim...
An introduction
Hey everyone! I think it's time for an introductory post. Here I want to share our work and progress, impressions and difficulties, as well as wins - small but...
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