Devlog v.0.4.2: "Quest" system and new UI

This is the first, but not the last devlog. Usually people do them once a month or a week, and I will adhere to the tradition and write once a week, but sometimes - more often. Today is that kind of day. Someone does devlogs and changelogs separately, but I will combine them. Get used to it.

New UI

Technically, new UI wasn't introduced in this version, but who cares, right? At the beginning of the development I've made a "temporary" UI. Here's how it looked:

Not very cool, but it did its job. During the last weekend, I've made a more adequate version, which will remain unchanged in foreseeable future. Here's how it looks ingame:

  • In the upper left corner is the quest log, which I'll talk about later.
  • In the lower left corner - "inventory", which is really just a number of icons representing items that character will be able to use under a certain circumstances. 
  • In the bottom center - action tooltip. It consists of action button icon, action description and, in this screenshot, a progress bar. The latter only visible upon long interactions.
  • You can also see two types of markers - quest marker and interaction marker, which will appear on any interactable object, when character gets near.

Quest system

System is, probably, a little too generous, because in fact it is just a number of crutches and reinvented wheels. But I didn't want to use any ready solutions. The system is very simple and is there for the simple fact to better visualize what you have to do in any given moment of time.

  • During specific moments, or upon interacting with specific objects, a quest will start. It adds a struct to manager class on back-end, and on the front-end - a pretty line with icon and quest description

  • If a quest consists of an action which have to be repeated several times, you will see a number of [current] and [target] actions.
  • Upon completing the quest, the icon changes into the one with the check mark and, just like the text, fades away.

Also done:

  • Fixed constantly disappearing macro. Again.
  • BuildingSpot class extended. Now, instead of a grey cube and then "building" the object only in the next scene (a decision made to simplify coding this thing), became cooler:
    • A place where you gotta build something now has a silhouette of that object
    • Upon gathering enough resources (and putting them down), you can interact to actually build stuff
    • Upon completing that action, the silhouette turns into an actual model.

  • Goals in scenes 1, 2 and 3 are transferred into new quest system
  • Added quest marker logic to base object class
  • Fixed some of the objects which called the wrong quest system methods

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