Devlog v.0.4.7

This week was very counter-productive, that's why (or because?) there was very little done. We're lagging behind the plan a bit.

Third scene finished

There's one big change - I finally finished third scene logic. Added a tiny new location which you'll have to visit. There's not much to describe here: you'll know everything when you play.

Other changes and fixes

  • Changed "echo" in scene one, only gotta polish now
  • Fixed quest marker apperaring at inappropriate moments. 
  • Fixed a false positive trigger in first scene
  • Fixed quest starting before intro cinematic. You won't have to look at quest log while watching it.
  • "Fixed" wrong localization on game start. Well, I actually just made russian the default. Don't worry - you can change it right in the main menu, I'll fix this later.
  • Fixed false positive "finish scene" trigger in scene 2 upon grave digging - now you'll have to bury all of your mates before going on with your stuff
  • All objectives added to localization system
  • All missing action tips are added to localization system as well
  • Fixed more quest triggers

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