Devlog 0.5.3: Finally a demo!

FIRST OF ALL: You can now download the demo!

SECOND OF ALL: The demo is highly unoptimized and most likely will run good only on 1060 GTX and higher. Lower than that you can experience severe fps drops. I'm sorry, but we almost missed the deadline, so the optimization wasn't on the table :(

Added two new scenes

The demo won't be complete without them. What exactly is in these scenes - see for yourself :)

Fishing Mechanic

I've added a fishing mechanic. So far it is needed in scene 4 and for only one task, but in the future I'll plan on expanding it and making it addictive :)

- There are certain "fish spots", interaction with which causes character to cast a line and the fishing indicator appears.

- First you gotta wait for the fish to take the bait - indicator will change into action key which you'll have to press quickly

- Once you successfully hooked the fish, you gotta mash the action button to reel it in.

Added Russian Localization

Yeah, there are two languages now.

Other changes

Updated scene 1 models

Now "echo" looks like it should, and the sailor bodies are better-looking.

Two new cinematics

One of them connects scene 3 and 4, and the second one concludes our demo, and contains the twist we want to shed some light on our story with.


  • Added demo end screen with titles and cool music
  • Added new blocking volumes so you won't get stuck
  • Added ability to reset the scene by pressing Ctrl+Shift+Z
  • Fixed ship collisions
  • Fixed typis ;D
  • Certain phrases are now shown for more time so you can read them all
  • All of the text shuld be in the StringTables by now, and added to localization system


Build 0.5.5 at Google Drive
Jul 12, 2019

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